Tatts Keno Pro

Tatts Keno Pro 3.0

Analyzes infinite qualities of Tatts Keno combinations
3.0.94 (See all)
Calculate combinations of Australian Tatts Keno by inputting the required number of requests for analysis and reading the generated output list of predictions and potential results ranked by the degree of probability. The interface supports several methods of data input including manual or pasting whole numbers.

Tatts Keno Pro is a professional and powerful tool designed to calculate combinations for Australian Tatts Keno.
By using it, you can let your imagination run without being limited and
apply all your requests on the numbers you wish to analyse.
This software will charmed you by its calculation speed and its very
ergonomic interface. It's a powerful help tool for your decisions concerning
the combinations you wish to play.
With this new generation software, what previously took hours of boring
calculation takes now only few seconds !
Tatts Keno Pro is the only software to calculate so fast the combinations
for tatts keno. It allies power with simplicity of use.
With Tatts Keno Pro, you will have a better understanding of
the hazard logic in order to anticipate the appearance of numbers. All this
to help you make the winning choice in your future selections. Moreover,
Tatts Keno Pro has a very evolved consult mode of prizes
and allows you a perpetual UPDATE of draws from the Internet !
Did you find a software able to find the most drawn combinations among about
1700 billions ?
(1 646 492 110 120 combinations! You see, it's a true analisis !)
You must think " this certainly at a prohibitive time " and well not, very
fast!! (About only one minute on a computer of 600 Mhz!).
Since this is the most complex calculation, it gives you an idea of the
speed for the combinations of less than 10 numbers.
With Tatts Keno Pro, you can check any combination and know the
more or less drawn among them.
Besides, Tatts Keno Pro is the only software on the market that
can configure, and show, the 7, 8, 9 and 10 spot repeating sets !!
With Tatts Keno Pro, get the best out of your bet !

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